Can I complete my child's registration from a smartphone, tablet or PC?
Yes. The online registration link is supported by most devices.

What if I don't have access to a computer or phone? Can I still register my child?
Yes. Other options include visiting the Plainville Public Library as they have computers with internet access for public use or you can contact Central Registration at 860.793.6301, option 3 and we will make alternate arrangements.

At what age must I register my child for school?
According to state law, parents are allowed to withhold their children from a formal education program at age 5 for one year and then again at age 6 for one year. The child must be enrolled in an education program at age 7. The law requires that parents who wish to hold their age 5 or age 6 child from school must go to the Board of Education office in person and sign an option form exempting their child from attendance at school. Parents of a 5 or 6 year old child who are not attending school are urged to contact the Board of Education at 860.793.3210.

Which elementary school will my child attend?
Schools are assigned based on your address and can be found here: Elementary School by Street.

How can I prove residency if I am living with a friend or relative?
To establish residency, you will need to complete a Residency Affidavit form, Host's Statement, and Guardian's Statement, as applicable. Links to these documents are found under the "Forms" link. Once the documents are completed and notarized, you will need to make arrangements with our Assistant Superintendent's office for approval. Please contact David Levenduski at 860.793.3210 x6104.

How will I know when my child's registration is complete and accepted?
You will be contacted by Central Registration via email or phone to notify you once everything has been received.

I do not live in Plainville. Can my child attend Plainville Community Schools?
Non-residents are required to pay tuition. For current tuition rates, please contact Sam Adlerstein, Director of Business and Operations at 860.793.3210 x6106.