Volunteer Program

2019 Volunteer and Mentor of the Year

The recipient of the 2018 Volunteer of the Year and Mentor of the Year Awards were honored at a special recognition program held on May 10, 2018, at Plainville High School. The Volunteer of the Year Award recipients are Dave & Barb Barry, and the recipient of the Dick Ronalter Mentor of the Year Award is Charles Floyd.
barrys & charles

In Photo: (top) 2017-2018 Dick Ronalter Mentor of the Year, Charles Floyd, with mentee.
ccharles and carlos
Schools Volunteers of the Year, 
Dave & Barb Barry with family.
Barrys Family
Below: Dr. Maureen Brummett(Superintendent), 
Dave & Barb Barry & FamilyMaureen
And the group of our amazing volunteers that could join us!