The Team Approach

Interdisciplinary teaming takes place in every school for children and youth with specialized learning needs by:

  • The Early Childhood Program of Plainville for 3 to 5 year olds

  • Pre-Referral Teams for K through Grade 5 students

  • Student Intervention Team for Middle School students

  • Student Assistance Model team for High School students

The focus of all the assistance teams is strategies - development and implementation - to enhance each referred student's school adjustment. Referrals to the team are made by parents, teachers, administrators, related services staff, and by community agencies assisting family members.

If it appears that a student's progress is a concern after a team-generated series of intervention strategies has been tried, a Planning and Placement team meeting may be scheduled. At the meeting, the PPT explores the student's academic strengths and weaknesses and determines the need for educational assessment. Once the evaluation process is completed, the PPT team meets to share results and determine if special education services are requried.

The main goal of each of our teams is to improve student success.