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Through engaging online eLearning programs coupled with one-on-one student support, both new students and seasoned professionals have the ability to complete comprehensive courses in high-demand disciplines and related certifications in every field. These courses bring together insightful and compelling content presentations as well as constructive exercises and challenging knowledge checks to create an enriching, successful learning experience for students at all levels. 



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Alumni Association Spotlight

Abigail E. Vaughan attended Plainville’s GED Preparation Program, and successfully passed the exams, and earned a GED diploma from the state of Connecticut.

Graduation Year: 2017
Job Title: Sales Associate
Company: Kohl’s
College (attending): Tunxis Community College
Secret to success: “God Almighty and the great teachers He placed in my path, who imparted their greatness to me.”

Abigail can be reached by email [email protected]

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Statement of Purpose
Plainville Adult and Continuing Education is dedicated to the development of literate, well-rounded learners who aspire to personal growth and academic achievement. The primary purpose of the program is to teach and guide students to live as educated, intelligent, and responsible citizens in a diverse society. Plainville Adult and Continuing Education provides an environment, which is safe and secure, and promotes open communication and cooperation among faculty, students, and administration. Further, we emphasize reasoned and articulate self expression as a goal for students.

Location and Parking
Adult Education classes are held at Plainville High School, located at 47 Robert Holcomb Way, Plainville, Connecticut. Parking is limited to the West Parking Lot, visible from Route 10, also know as East Street. Please use the designated entrance door, accessible from the West Parking Lot. The Office of Adult and Continuing Education is located in Room 127 at Plainville High School.

Mission Statement
Plainville Adult and Continuing Education strives to enrich the lives of all by encouraging life long learning.

Goals and Objectives
The Plainville Board of Education, in compliance with the State statutes, provides a planned program of studies for adult learners in the mandated areas of High School Completion, Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language and American Citizenship. The goal of the Plainville Adult and Continuing Education Program is to provide equal opportunities for life long learning that enrich the lives of students. Opportunities for learning also extend to non-mandated enrichment course designed to meet the academic, cultural, vocational, and recreational needs of adults in the community.

Registration Procedures
Adult Education is available to those seventeen years of age or older. All those wishing to participate in mandated programs are required to first telephone The Office of Adult and Continuing Education for an appointment: (860) 793-3209. During the registration appointment, students will be required to complete a Registration Form and take a CASAS Appraisal test--for class placement purposes. Those wishing to enroll in secondary completion program must provide additional paperwork. GED Preparation students must provide an Official Letter of Withdrawal. Adult High School Credit Diploma Program students must provide an Official Letter of Withdrawal and Official Transcripts from previous school(s).

Program Mandates Classes are free of tuition to Connecticut residents. There is a minimum charge for textbooks which is refundable when the books are returned in "like new" condition. Classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Students are required to take the CASAS Appraisal, pre and post tests, as appropriate.

Adult High School Credit Diploma Program Earn credits for a high school diploma by taking courses at PHS, plus transfer credits from any former schools. Experience in the military, community, home, or work may also qualify for up to five credits. Twenty two credits are required to graduate in specific subject areas. Students are goal orientated and self motivated.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are designed to assist students in a multi-level group atmosphere. With students who have little or no fluency in English, attention is given to learning the basic English Skills that permit increased self-reliance in speaking the language. Students with this base knowledge increase fluency in speaking, reading and writing. In addition, language structure, grammar, and punctuation are stressed. The English as a Second Language Program incorporates the competency based life-skills curriculum of the Connecticut Competency System, an initiative of the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Adult Education.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a competency based program of instruction for native or foreign-born English speaking adult students who need to develop fundamental skills. Classes offer structured practice in reading and English to survive in today’s world, with communication stressed. In addition, students are instructed in mastering basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and setting up numbers to solve problems-- a consumer and employability skill. ABE may serve as a transition to the GED Preparation Program or Adult High School Credit Diploma Program.

Citizenship Preparation is a competency-based program of instruction for immigrants who wish to become American Citizens. This program assists those who would like help in preparing for oral or written citizenship tests; sample test questions will be available. Classes provide knowledge of American history, the United States Constitution, rights of citizens, the structure and function of national state and local government.

GED® General Educational Development Exam Preparation Program This program prepares adult learners to pass the 4-part, computer-based GED® exam to earn a State of Connecticut diploma. Students receive instruction in each of four subject areas – science, social studies, math and language arts – plus basic computer skills to take the exam. Instructors also review the official website,, where students can access related exam information and exam registration procedures.

Contact Information

For Additional Information about Plainville Adult & Continuing Education, please contact:

Jill O'Brien
Coordinator, Plainville Adult & Continuing Education
47 Robert Holcomb Way
Plainville, CT 06062
(860) 793-3209


Statements for Adult Education Programs


The Plainville Adult and Continuing Education is committed to a policy of equal opportunity/affirmative action for all qualified persons and does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion or any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal nondiscrimination laws. Inquiries regarding the Plainville Adult and Continuing Education’s nondiscrimination policies should be directed to Jill O’Brien, Coordinator (860) 793.3209

General Accessibility and Accommodation

All activities offered by Plainville Adult and Continuing Education are held in accessible locations. Accommodations for individuals with a disability are available upon request. Please contact Martha Smith (860) 793-3209.

General Educational Development (GED) Tests Accommodations

Accommodations on the GED tests are available for qualified individuals with a disability. For more information, contact Martha Smith (860) 793-3209. You may also contact Sabrina Mancini at the Connecticut State Department of Education at (860) 807-2110.