Be The Change: Homelessness Awareness and The Brian Bag Project
Posted on 05/15/2023
The Petit Family Foundation presented Plainville Adult and Continuing Education with a grant award of $2,518.83 to support, “Be the Change:  Homelessness Awareness and the Brian Bag Project.” 

Donna Finneran, founder of the Brian O’Connell Project, will offer a presentation this fall about homelessness and her organizational mission: to pass on aid in the name of Brian O'Connell (her twin brother) who passed away in Connecticut while homeless. As part of her presentation, Finneran will explain the origin and development of the “Brian Bag” initiative. 100% of funding received from the Petit Family Foundation will be used to purchase a structured set of items for “Brian Bags,” including: first aid supplies, food, water, socks, and toiletries.  Adult Education students and staff will partake in a Brian Bag production session, after which 50 Brian Bags will be available to students, staff, and community members for distribution. The remaining 50 Brian Bags will be donated to The Brian O’Connell Project, who will handle direct distribution to those experiencing homelessness.
Jill O’Brien, Plainville Adult and Continuing Education Coordinator, commented, “This event will bring greater awareness about homelessness issues to our learning community and thanks to the Petit Family Foundation’s generosity, we may offer immediate relief with Brian Bags.”

“Most don’t realize the surprising level of homelessness that families and students face in our country, and we have several situations each year right here in Plainville. Our schools provide extra support and resources to students who become homeless for a number of reasons and need educational stability. This Petit Family Foundation funded program is a wonderful way to raise awareness and to provide supportive resources to those in need through the Brian Bags, and we appreciate their generous support toward this very worthy cause,” said Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage. 

To register for  Donna Finneran’s  public presentation (at Plainville High School on October 3rd at 6pm) or to pick up a Brian Bag to distribute to someone in need, please call  Plainville Adult and Continuing Education (860) 793-3209.