Middle School Partners With ADL to Implement “No Place For Hate” Program
Posted on 12/23/2022
The Middle School of Plainville has partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)  to implement the “No Place for Hate” program this year. “Students, staff, community partners, School Resource Officer Shane Dufresne, and family partners will work together through the “No Place for Hate” program framework to build a learning community of inclusivity, respect, and equity,” explained Middle School Assistant Principal, Melissa Orfitelli.  
The 40 person school committee, led by Mrs. Orfitelli, kicked off the “No Place for Hate Program” at the beginning of the school year. ADL trainers subsequently joined  committee members on December 19th to train the group on what it means to combat bias and bullying by empowering all Middle School community members to be allies. The MSP No Place for Hate Committee will be leading whole school reform and working towards earning the distinction of becoming a No Place for Hate school. 
“It is so important for students to feel empowered to stand up for themselves and each other in order to effect positive change throughout the school.  Students see and hear so much more than the teachers and administrators do, so in order for things to change it is absolutely necessary that they step up, and “No Place for Hate” gives them the tools to do just that,” said Middle School Principal, Aimee Roberts.
"Now more than ever, we must ensure that our schools are a safe place where all students feel safe, valued and accepted. I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits from our middle school’s participation in this important program," noted Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage.