Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name School Calendar
Policy Number 6111
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 3/12/1990
Date Revised 4/8/2002
Date Revised  4/16/2018
Date Revised  
The Superintendent of Schools shall recommend school calendars meeting all statutory requirements to the Board of Education for its review and modified as it believes appropriate, for its approval. School calendars will be proposed to the Board of Education for approval at the February Board of Education meeting.

The calendars recommended to the Board may include the operation of schools on state holidays providing a suitable nonsectarian educational program is held to observe the holiday, except for those holidays that occur in December and January.

The school calendar shall show school days in each school month, the number of school days in each month, legal and local holidays, staff development days, early closing days, vacation periods, and other pertinent dates, including a tentative graduation date for students in grade twelve. The graduation date must be approved at the April Board of Education meeting.

Emergency make-up days will be taken as follows:
At the end of the school year in June through June 30, and
If additional emergency days are required beyond the available days in June, they will be taken from the April vacation beginning with the Friday of the vacation week.

A winter recess of no less than two calendar days will be scheduled during the month of February.

A spring recess will be scheduled during the month of April.

The school calendar shall show the beginning and ending dates of school, legal and local holidays, meeting days, number of teaching days, vacation periods, and other pertinent dates.

The final day before the Thanksgiving recess will be an early dismissal day.

The superintendent shall present a school calendar for Board of Education approval in February every three years for the succeeding three years.

The Board of Education may declare a holiday in the schools under its jurisdiction when good reason exists.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

1-4 Days designated as legal holidays.