Elementary “RAMP” Program Continues To Bridge Learning Over The Summer
Posted on 07/31/2019
elementary students in a classroom at linden Learning continued over the summer through the 2019 RAMP (Reading And Math Power) Program housed at Linden Street School during the month of July. This year, 44 students in kindergarten through third grade from all three Plainville elementary schools attended this annual summer program. The primary goal of the program is to help students continue learning over the summer and bridge the academic gap between June and September. The half day program, which included breakfast and lunch each day, ran from July 1 to July 25.
This year the RAMP Program’s primary focus was on literacy development. Students received both direct and indirect literacy-focused instruction at their individual levels to ensure skill maintenance and development. Teachers delivered systemic, targeted and explicit instruction focused around balanced literacy. This approach integrated various modalities including read-alouds, shared reading, a mini-lesson and an opportunity to practice both during small groups and independently.
The culminating event for the RAMP Summer program was a family celebration for participants held at Linden on July 25th. Students received Achievement Awards and reading materials, and showcased a number of “reading games” for family and friends in attendance. The celebration concluded with a slideshow highlighting the RAMP program and participants.
“It was inspiring to walk into the classrooms and see students collaboratively working and actively engaged in the learning process. I wanted to share this with parents and provide them with tools to continue to practice at home in a fun, interactive way,” said RAMP Summer School Program Coordinator, Lily Cornielle.
“Our RAMP program is an excellent model for providing continuation of learning opportunities over the summer. Such opportunities are vital to many students in helping them maintain and accelerate learning. I compliment Program Coordinator Cornielle and our summer staff for providing a comprehensive and organized program. Bringing parents and families in on the last day to share outcomes and strategies for home support was also a terrific idea because learning requires a partnership between our schools and families,” noted Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage.