Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name School Day
Policy Number 6112
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 4/8/2002
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Policy In the event of dismissal of school because of weather conditions, completion of the regular morning session may be considered a school day.

Number of School Days

The district must by law provide each school year no less than 180 days of actual school sessions for kindergarten through grade 12, and 900 hours of actual schoolwork for grades 1 through 12, and 450 hours of actual schoolwork for half-day kindergarten. No more than 7 hours of actual schoolwork in any school day may be counted toward the total required for the school year. Graduation shall not be held until 180 days and 900 hours of actual schoolwork are completed.

Length of School Day: Special Education

Unless otherwise specified in a child's individualized education program, the minimum day and year for children requiring special education and related services shall be the same as that for children in the regular education program.

Total travel time shall not exceed one hour each way to and from a special education facility, unless parental consent and approval of the State Board of Education is obtained.

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes
10-16 Length of school day
10-161 Graduation exercises
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