Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Publications
Policy Number 6145.3
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 09/09/2002
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Policy Student publications are important elements of the instructional program and contribute directly to the accomplishment of the school's goals. The Board of Education shall encourage the development of school newspapers, annuals, and magazines.

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression)

(cf. 6144 - Controversial Issues)

Legal Reference: Eisner v. Stamford Board of Education, 440F 2d 803 (2nd cir 1971)

Trauntman v. Anker, 563F 2d 512 (2nd cir. 1977)

Certification denied, 453 U.S. 925 (1981)

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier