Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Instructional Planning/Scheduling/Use of Computers in Instruction
Policy Number 6156
Date Approved 10/10/89
Date Revised 05/08/06
Date Revised  
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Instructional Planning/Scheduling/Use of Computers in Instruction

The Board recognizes that technological advances in all areas are necessary and that computers are and will continue to be a part of this advance. As such, the Board's goal is to implement computer resources in each school facility. Because of the many types of applications and the potential cost, the Board establishes the following policy to plan for and guide this growth both for instructional and administrative uses.

Computers for instruction will be used primarily for the following:

1) as a research, problem-solving, inquiry and/or communication tool for learning and teaching.

 2) to manage an instructional program in areas such as a classroom, library and resource room, involving maintenance of test scores, grades, and other data used in evaluating instruction and student progress.

 3) to develop technology competencies as outlined in the State of Connecticut Technology Competencies Frameworks.

Any student or staff member using computers will be instructed in the proper use and care of the hardware and software prior to its use.

Databases will be restricted to those normally generated within instructional areas.

The school principal, or designee, will coordinate the use of computers in the classrooms within his/her building.