Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Identification of Special Needs and Abilities
Policy Number 6164.4
Date Approved 10/10/89
Date Revised 03/12/07
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Policy Instruction

Identification of Special Needs and Abilities

The Board of Education recognizes that each student is a unique individual, and that while for most students the conventional school program is appropriate, a substantial number of students have exceptional needs.

The Board of Education therefore directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop and implement regulations and procedures, which will serve to seek out all individuals with exceptional needs residing in the school district who may be eligible for free appropriate public education.

The Superintendent of Schools is also directed to develop an assessment plan for the assessment and evaluation of the exceptional needs of each individual identified in the search. The assessment plan shall be a description in ordinary language of the procedures, tests, records, or reports proposed for use in the assessment of the individual. (cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Plans)

The search and assessment plans shall be in accord with the provisions of federal and state laws and regulations.