Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name REGULATION - Guidelines for School Sponsored Activities and Organizations
Policy Number 6145.5 REG
Date Approved 2/14/2005
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
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GENERAL INFORMATION: The activity must contribute to student learning and serve as an extension to the educational process.

The activity must not place undue burdens or obligations on students their families, teachers or schools.

The activity must be nonsectarian and shall not promote divisiveness within the school community or exploit issues controversial in nature and disruptive to the educational environment.

The activity must be appropriate for the age and developmental level of the students who will be participating.

Students who are home-schooled are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

Contests will be considered on their merits. They may not interfere with the sound educational practices or curriculum of our schools.

DISCRIMINATION/DISABILITIES: The activity must abide by state and federal statutes prohibiting unlawful discrimination.

Children with disabilities will have appropriate opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities in accordance with state and federal law. Consideration on an individual basis will be made for modifications and accommodations.

SUPERVISION: The activity must be well-planned and organized and must provide for the adequate supervision and welfare of participating students at all times.

Advisors must be in attendance with their groups at all times and assume complete responsibility.

Advisors must stay until the last student has left the activity or event.

Chaperones will be assigned by the principal or his/her designee. They are to be present until the conclusion of the entire event.

SCHEDULING OF EVENTS: Activities should be scheduled on non-instructional time. If scheduled during school time, every effort must be made to avoid excessive loss of instructional time.

Student activities will not be approved for Sunday under normal circumstances.

School groups may participate in community-sponsored parades at any time at the discretion of the school administration.

Out-of-state activities must be approved by the Board of Education. (See Regulation 6153.1 Educational Tours/Field Trips forms)

Activities/events must be noted on the school calendar.

CONDUCT & STUDENT BEHAVIOR: Principals, or their designees in each school, will communicate rules and regulations of acceptable conduct to students at the beginning of each school year and to transfer students at the time of their enrollment in the school.

Students shall be properly instructed in rules and regulations of acceptable conduct and are responsible for understanding and complying with school and school district standards of behavior.

Students may be excluded from an activity for inappropriate conduct. Additional penalties up to and including expulsion may apply depending upon the infraction.

FEES & BUDGET: Business Procedures: 1. Reasonable registration or entry fees may be assessed, subject to the approval of administration.
2. A Fundraiser Request Form must be completed and approved by an administrator. This would include Athletic and Non-Athletic fundraisers.
a. Pupils may sell tickets whenever advance sales are in operation.
b. Teacher/Advisor responsible for activities should receive a daily report from student salesman. This report should show tickets on hand and tickets sold.
c. Teacher/Advisor will take custody of the money collected daily.
d. Tickets are numbered for events and an itemized statement of ticket sales must be completed.
e. Money collected at activity/events must be counted by more than one person.
f. Teacher/advisor must deliver money to the school vault or in a sealed/ locked container pending the next business or banking day.
g. Class dues should be turned over to advisors on the day collected.
h. No money will be left in classroom unattended.
i. Money received should be deposited at bank the day it is received or the next business day.
j. Each time cash is exchanged, a receipt will be given by the recipient of the funds.
k. Teacher/Advisor should verify the money counted and deposited by the Treasurer/Secretary.
a. No one is to order any materials without first having obtained a written purchase order signed by the Principal. The office will not accept bills for payment unless the order has been approved and signed.

b. All expenditures must be requisitioned on the forms provided. These should include the payee, the amount, and the activity to be charged. They must be signed by the teacher/advisor responsible for event/activity.

c. A check will be written upon receipt of the voucher.