Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Adult/Continuing Education
Policy Number 6200
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 04/15/2004
Date Revised 05/12/2014
Date Revised  
Date Revised  

The Board recognizes that education is a lifelong process. Therefore, the Board of Education shall establish and maintain a program of adult education classes. The adult education program shall be open to all residents 17 years of age or older, not attending any public or private elementary, middle or senior high school. A student who is 16 years of age or under, and a mother, may attend adult education classes if her request is approved by the Board. The program shall offer a variety of subjects to serve civic, culturalvocational, and a vocational needs of the community. Course offerings shall be determined by response to courses previously given and by newly arising needs and interests, subject to limitations of the plant, personnel and equipment.

The District, as permitted by statute, shall determine the minimum number of weeks per semester the adult education program will operate. Certified counseling staff shall be provided to assist adult education program students with educational and career counseling.

A student enrolled in a District public school in a full-time program of study may enroll in an adult education activity provided the student receives the approval of the Principal of the school in which he/she is enrolled in a full-time program or such student is enrolled in an adult education activity as part of an alternative educational opportunity during a period of expulsion.

Classes shall be made available at fees to be established by the Board of Education. No tuition shall be charged for residents who enroll in adult classes for elementary and high school completion, Americanization and United States citizenship and English for adults with limited English proficiency. Other courses may be provided in any subject included in District schools, including adult literacy, parenting skills, and vocational education and any other subject or activity only when the number of interested adults is sufficient to form a class of proper size, and when a qualified teacher, adequate facilities and appropriate supervision can be made available.

In addition, college preparatory classes may be offered for adults who have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent and require postsecondary developmental education that will enable such adults to enroll directly in a program of higher education, as defined in C.G.S. 10a-34 at an institution or higher education upon completion of such classes. A fee may/shall be charged for these classes.

The District shall grant an adult education diploma to those adult education program participants who have satisfactorily completed a minimum of twenty (20) adult education credits, of which not fewer than four shall be in English; not fewer than three in mathematics; not fewer than three in social studies, including one in American History and at least one-half credit course in civics
and American government; not fewer than two in science; and not fewer than one in the arts or vocational education.

The district, in determining the satisfactory completion of needed credits for an adult education diploma shall award, subject to any State Board of Education regulations:

1. Credit for experiential learning, including:

a) Not more than two non-required credits for military experience, including training;

b) Not more than one vocational education non-required and one required or not more than two non-required credits for occupational experience, including training; and

c) Not more than one non-required credit for voluntary community service or avocational skills;

2. Credit for successful completion of courses taken for credit at state-accredited institutions, including public and private community colleges, technical colleges, community-technical colleges, four-year colleges and universities and approved public and private high schools and technical high schools;

3. Up to six credits for satisfactory performance on subject matter tests demonstrating prior
learning competencies; and

4. Up to three credits for independent study projects, provided no more than one such credit shall be applied to each required subject area.

(cf. 5134 – Married/Pregnant Students)

(cf. 5114 – Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process)

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