Section:6000 Instruction
Policy Name:Study Trips and Community Service
Policy Number:6153
Date Approved:10/10/1989
Last Revised:1/13/2003

To the extent that budgetary resources permit, the Board of Education encourages and sanctions student study trips or other out-of-district school activities, including participation in interscholastic events and community civic projects which are clearly connected to the district curriculum and/or of value in helping achieve each participating student’s educational objectives. A study trip is defined as any trip connected to the curriculum that does not require an overnight stay. In planning study trips and/or community service activities, teachers must weigh their instructional value against the loss of classroom instructional time in all disciplines. An appropriate balance must be maintained so that the needs of all students in all disciplines are being met.

The school staff, under the direction of the administration, shall take all reasonable and prudent steps to safeguard the physical and educational welfare of participating students. Each such student shall be given guidance in setting up educationally sound variations in his/her school program to enable him/her to participate and shall be counseled as to his/her obligations in fulfilling them. The administration may place restrictions upon a student’s participation when in the staff’s judgment his/her welfare or the welfare of others requires it.