3000 Concept and Roles in Business
3110 Budget Planning
3120 Preparation of Budget Document
3160 Expenditures and Transfers
3240 Tuition Fees
3250 Materials/Services Fees, Charges
3260 Disposal and Payments for Used Books, Equipment and Supplies
3280 Donations and Gifts
3280 REG REGULATION Donations and Gifts
3313 REG REGULATION Relations with Vendors
3313.1 Local Purchasing
3320 Purchasing Procedures
3320 REG REGULATION Purchasing Procedures
3321 Requesting Goods and Services (Requisitions)
3323 REG REGULATION Soliciting Bids
3324.1 Contracts
3326 Paying for Goods and Services
3326.1 Payroll Procedures and Authorized Signatures
3432 3433 Budget & Expense Report/Annual Financial Statement
3440 Inventories
3450 Monies in School Buildings
3453 REG REGULATION Purchases for Student Activities
3453.1 Student Activity Fund
3453.1(a) REG REGULATION Student Activity
3453.1(b) REG REGULATION Student Parking Fees
3510 Operation and Maintenance of Plant
3511 Energy Conservation & Guidelines
3513 Community Use of School Facilities
3513 REG REGULATION Community Use of School Facilities
3514 Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
3515 Use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
3515 REG Use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
3516 Safety
3516.3 Accident Prevention and Reporting
3517 Security of Buildings and Grounds
3517 REG REGULATION Security of Building
3518 Pesticide Application
3520.13 Data-Based Information and Management Systems Student Data Protection and Privacy/Cloud-Based Issues
3532 Insurance
3533 Employee Bonds
3541 Transportation
3541 REG REGULATION Transportation
3541.3 Routes and Services
3541.3 REG REGULATION Routes and Services (Transportation)
3541.4 Transportation Equipment
3541.5 Transportation Complaints
3542.1 Purposes and Facilities: Food Service
3542.31 REG REGULATION Free or Reduced Price Lunches
3542.33 REG REGULATION Food Sales by Students/Others
3542.43 Food Service Charges