Health Enhancement Program (HEP) Compliance

The Health Enhancement Program (HEP) is a component of the medical plan and has several important benefits.  First, it helps you and your family work with your medical providers to get and stay healthy.  Second, it saves you money on your healthcare.  Third, it will save money for the Partnership Plan long term by focusing healthcare dollars on prevention.  The HEP portal features tips and tools to help you manage your health and your HEP requirements.  Please note that dependents 18 years and older are required to register & sign in to the HEP portal to access their compliance requirements.

HEP Requirements

You and your enrolled family members must get age-appropriate wellness exams and early diagnosis screenings (such as colorectal cancer screenings, Pap tests, mammograms, and vision exams). These requirements run on a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).

HEP Requirements 2022
HEP Requirements 2021

Additional Requirements for Certain Conditions

If you or any enrolled family member has diabetes (type 1 or 2), asthma or COPD, heart disease/heart failure, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) or hypertension (high blood pressure), you and/or your family member will be required to participate in a disease education and counseling program for that particular conditions. You will receive free office visits and reduced pharmacy co-pays for treatments related to your condition. 

These particular conditions are targeted because they account for a large part of our total healthcare costs and have been shown to respond particularly well to education and counseling programs. By participating in these programs, affected employees and family members will be given additional resources to improve their health.

If you do not comply with the HEP requirements

If you or any enrolled dependent becomes non-compliant in HEP, your premiums will be $100 per month higher and you will have an annual $350 per individual ($1,400 per family) in-network medical deductible. 

You can visit the HEP portal to:
  • View HEP preventive and chronic requirements and download HEP forms
  • Check your HEP preventive and chronic compliance status
  • Complete your chronic condition education and counseling compliance requirement
  • Access a library of health information and articles
  • Set and track personal health goals
  • Exchange messages with HEP Nurse Case Managers and profession
Additional information and forms:

Access Over Age Dependent Information Form
Physician Notification Form
Reinstatement Form