Please reach out to a member of our Human Resources Team if you have a qualifying event (marriage, divorce, birth of child, death, etc.). You will have 30 days from the event date to make changes to your insurance enrollment. If the 30 day window has lapsed, you risk the chance of not being able to make any changes to your plan until open enrollment. Below you will find information and enrollments form for our Medical, Dental & Vision plans. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information or have any questions regarding your coverage.

CT Partnership Plan 2.0 Anthem
  - Enrollment, Change and/or Cancellation Form
  - Medical Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage
  - Waiver Form

HEP Compliance

Dental Insurance
  - Dental Plan Summary of Benefits
  - Dental Enrollment Form
  - Delta Dental Portal Registration
  - No Dental ID Card?

Eyemed Insurance
  - Vision Plan Summary of Benefits
  - Vision Enrollment Form
  - EyeMed FAQ
  - Hearing Discount Member
  - How to Use Member Web
  - How to Use the Mobile App
  - Know Before You Go
  - Member Tools
  - Online Options

Special Enrollment
  - Special Enrollment Insurance Policy