Plainville High School Students Honored With “Student Rocks Award”
Posted on 06/06/2022
Plainville High School seniors Michael Haddad and Joseph Rossi have been named recipients of the second semester “Student Rocks Award” recognizing their outstanding contributions to Plainville High School.

The Student Rocks Award was established by three teachers in 2010 as a way to honor those students who “do the right thing” every day without looking for acknowledgement. Once a semester, teachers nominate and then vote for two students they believe are worthy of this award. The students are honored, along with their family members and guests, at a staff meeting where they are awarded a book and presented with the Student Rocks plaque where their names are engraved. This plaque is displayed in the school’s awards showcase. It reads: “awarded to students who assume responsibility for their positive contributions to the school and community.” Faculty and staff comments submitted for the winning nominations are also shared during the awards presentation. 

Both students were nominated multiple times this year for the Student Rocks Award.  Several faculty and staff members shared comments about each of the honorees.

“Michael Haddad is one of the most genuine and respectful student-athletes we have had at Plainville High School. Mike embodies what every teammate should be. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help his teammates and coaches and never looks for any type of individual recognition. His positive attitude and demeanor are contagious. He most certainly leads by example by always meeting or exceeding expectations set by his coaches and the athletic program. You can always find Michael supporting Plainville athletics and his classmates.  It speaks volumes about how much he respects and loves his hometown. He is more than deserving of the Student Rocks Award and has made our school community better every day in the last four years just because of the person he is. The halls, the classrooms, the athletic fields, and the courts won't be as bright next year as Michael moves on to college, but he has left a lasting impression on all of us,” said Plainville High School Coach Tim Shea.

“Michael is honestly one of those nice kids that as teachers, we look forward to working with in our class every day. I couldn’t be happier for him as he truly epitomizes what the Student Rocks Award stands for,” noted faculty member John Girard.

 “I had the pleasure of having Joe as a student in two of my classes over the last four years and it has been truly an honor to have had him in class. He is beyond exceptionally bright and hardworking, no matter the task presented.  Joe is a rare student one encounters that is truly and genuinely kind, caring, and dedicated. He epitomizes a true Blue Devil,” said faculty member Stephanie Aresco.
“I have always admired Joe’s quiet determination. He has always worked hard and put such pride into all he does.  Joe is the perfect recipient for the Student Rocks
Award. He is dedicated to greatness and cares deeply about making this world a better place,” noted faculty member Deb Pikiell.

Michael and Joseph were honored on June 1st during a high school faculty meeting.

“I was so excited that Michael and Joe were selected to receive the Student Rocks Award this semester. I had the pleasure of having both of them in my AP Statistics class this year and they each have brought such positive energy to my class every day. They are the type of students that every teacher hopes to see in their classroom. Always prepared, contributing to class discussions and respectful to all students and teachers alike. UCONN is very lucky to be adding these two students to their campus next year,” said Plainville High School faculty member and Student Rocks Program Co-Coordinator, Eileen Hebert.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to help coordinate the Student Rocks Award because it reminds me of what amazing students we have here at PHS. Joe and Michael truly exemplify what this award means. They are simply always doing the right thing whether it be in their classes, in the hallways, or on the field. Their kindness and hard-working spirits will be greatly missed next year,” noted Plainville High School faculty member and Student Rocks Program Co-Coordinator Mikayla Wells.

“The Student Rocks Award is one of the most prestigious and in my opinion, best awards a student can earn at PHS. It recognizes the impact these students have had on our school culture. To be selected by our teachers in recognition that you represent the very best of our students is quite the honor. Both of the students honored this semester embody what we hope for from all of our Blue Devils at PHS,” said Plainville High School Principal, Carl Johnson.

“This recognition is incredibly meaningful and represents a set of qualities and characteristics that we hope all students to embody. I extend my sincere congratulations to Michael and Joseph, and thank them for being role models within our school community,” said Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage.