Toffolon Fifth Graders Spread Message of Kindness
Posted on 03/17/2022
It's always Kind to RewindLouis Toffolon Elementary School fifth graders are once again  sharing positive messages to those who pass by their school, thanks to their kind and creative artwork on the school’s fence.  Their first message, “Be Kind”, shares the sentiment that Toffolon students are inspired to be kind each and every day.  Spreading kindness is a meaningful way in which students  can demonstrate that a simple act can change anyone's day.  Toffolon students spend time during the school day paying it forward to reinforce their message that kindness is an act of generosity, thoughtfulness, and being considerate to others. “Be Kind” is also the first part of  Louis Toffolon Elementary School’s motto: “Be Kind, Be Respectful and Learn a Lot!”