Linden's Cardboard Challenge!
On November 3rd, all Linden Street School students had the opportunity to participate in the school’s “Day of Play” for the Cardboard Challenge. The Cardboard Challenge started in 2012, and is an event inspired by a video “Caine’s Arcade” about a 9 year old boy in Los Angeles who created a working arcade out of cardboard and recycled materials. The Cardboard Challenge invites children across the world to be like Caine and use their imagination and the power of creative play to create something of their own out of cardboard and recycled materials to share with others. The Cardboard Challenge gives kids an opportunity to explore their imagination and unleash their natural creative talents. As they design and build, they engage in the simple learning process called Creative Play. It teaches valuable 21st century skills like critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance, and collaboration. It allows kids to build upon STEAM concepts and brings communities together to foster and celebrate child creativity. Several Linden Street School students showcased their recent “Day of Play” Cardboard Challenge event creations at the November 8th Plainville Board of Education meeting.