Go Kid Go Program Continues To Support Local Students In Need With Steps & Benches!
Posted on 05/06/2021
Go Kid GoThanks to the hard work and dedication of a group of Middle School of Plainville students and Technology Education faculty member Camille Westfall, the district’s Go Kid Go program once again served as the backdrop for meeting the needs of Plainville students through hands-on learning and giving back!

The Go Kid Go program began in 2019 as an outgrowth of the school district’s  “Go Baby Go” program, that historically brought together faculty and staff from Central Connecticut State University, Plainville High School and the Middle School of Plainville each year to design and modify battery powered toy cars for toddlers with special needs.  In 2019, a group of Plainville Community Schools staff members and representatives from Central Connecticut State University came together to build on the success of the Go Baby Go initiative and create the “Go Kid Go Program.” The “Go Kid Go” program was born with the goal of helping Plainville Community Schools special needs students district-wide with mobility and independence. Funding for Go Kid Go was provided by several groups including the Plainville Community Fund, Central Connecticut State University’s Central C.A.R.E.S Club, Jacob’s Journey, and through school fundraisers.

Through a School Business Community (SBC) partnership program needs assessment in 2020, the school district’s Special Services Department identified the need for several custom steps and benches to support preschoolers and our youngest students with mobility issues across the district. To be most effective and helpful to students, these items needed to be customized and are extremely expensive to purchase. As such, the classrooms in need had a minimal number of generic items available to use, which had to be shared among schools. The “Go Kid Go” Team, led this year by Middle School faculty member Camille Westfall and District Physical Therapist Sheryl Hart, jumped into action, and collaborated to design the items in need, which were then constructed by Ms. Westfall and her Technology Education students.

“My students and I were delighted to help out with this wonderful project.  I was so impressed with the willingness of my students to stay after school, work hard, and do whatever it took to complete the stairs and steps in a timely fashion,” said Westfall.

This month, Westfall and her students delivered the colorful steps and benches to the Special Services Department, and they have been deployed at all three Plainville elementary schools.

  “Because of the efforts of the MSP students and our staff, our youngest learners with mobility needs can be more independent and experience school just like their friends.  It is this culture of inclusion where every child has what they need to grow and learn that makes Plainville Community Schools so special,” said Director of Special Services, Vicki Trczinski.

   “We are fortunate to have this wonderful program that has evolved with the changing needs of our community, and persevered despite the challenges of COVID. This latest project was a wonderful synergy of student volunteerism and talented guidance from Miss Westfall, for the benefit of our youngest district learners. I look forward to seeing what Go Baby Go and Go Kid Go will do next, and know it will be outstanding and beneficial to all concerned,” said Superintendent Steven LePage.