PHS Theater Club Refurbishes Choral Room
Posted on 03/08/2021
Creating Black Box Theater The Plainville High School Theater Unlimited Club voted to refurbish the high school’s Choral Room (Room 403) into a black box theater. Under the guidance of faculty members TJ Riccardo, Todd Helming, Dave Gaignard and Facilities Director Steve Busel, the students are painting the presentation space, building a light and sound booth, adding projection, digital sound and digital lighting. Once completed, the multi-purpose theater can be used by the Plainville High School community for presentations with small to medium sized audiences. To complete the project, the students are utilizing funding that they earned through overseeing and managing  rental of the school's auditorium in previous years. The students have also enlisted help from classmates who still need community service hours and want to give back to Plainville High School. The project is being led by the three senior members of the Theater Unlimited Club: Kaylee Markavich, William Lauria and Garret Millette.