Equity and Gender Stereotypes Lesson at Wheeler
Posted on 01/05/2021
Equity and Gender Stereotypes BoardFrank T. Wheeler Elementary School Library Information Teacher Cynthia Giantonio recently led a lesson on equity and gender stereotypes with all Wheeler School  fifth grade students. As part of the lesson, students  discussed how stereotypes impact their daily lives and  online experiences.  Students defined stereotype, bias and equity and had rich conversations regarding what that looks like for each student. Mrs. Giantonio also  read the book "Julian is a Mermaid" and discussed the stereotype in that book.  Students then completed a form that included a "just because" statement and three supporting ideas that went along with their thoughts.  After establishing specific expectations for respect, they were eager to share their experiences with stereotyping and bias beyond just gender. Students were actively engaged and the responses were honest and genuine. The classes also talked about the importance of understanding that "You define who you are."