Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Evaluation of Special Education Program
Policy Number 6181
Date Approved 10/10/89
Date Revised 03/12/07
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
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Evaluation of Special Education Program

The Superintendent of Schools shall make an annual report to the Board of Education concerning the special education programs of the school district, with particular attention to the individual education programs, by program and school.

The report shall include recommendations of the Superintendent and staff, and by any advisory groups, for improvement in the program.

In addition to the annual report, the Superintendent shall make interim reports whenever any phase of the program is significantly less satisfactory than was expected so that necessary adjustments may be made.

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall ensure that the individualized education plan of each student is reviewed periodically, or at least annually.

Legal Reference: State Board of Education Regulations

10-76d(g) Duties and powers of Boards of Education to provide special education programs and services