Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Physical Restraint and Seclusion
Policy Number 6173
Date Approved 06/14/10
Date Revised  
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Any student at risk enrolled in a Plainville Public Schools program who exhibits behaviors that result or may result in immediate or imminent injury to the student or to others shall be subject to physical restraint and/or seclusion in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In all situations, even those in which a student at risk becomes physically aggressive, it is the intent of the Plainville Public Schools to provide appropriate care and to protect the welfare, safety and security for all students, staff and property. Whenever possible, attempts will be made to use early intervention strategies so as to prevent or defuse potentially assaultive or dangerous behaviors.

The Superintendent shall work with school administrators and/or consultants to establish monitoring and internal reporting procedures, in compliance with laws and regulations, for the use of physical restraint and seclusion on students at risk. The Superintendent shall also develop procedures to ensure that all educational providers in the Plainville Public Schools who may use physical restraint and/or seclusion methods receive appropriate training in both methodologies. 

For purposes of this Policy, a student at risk is a child requiring special education who is receiving special education by the Plainville Board of Education, or a child being evaluated for eligibility for special education and awaiting a determination, or a person receiving care, education or supervision in an institution or facility operating under contract with the Plainville Board of Education.

Nothing in this Policy or in the accompanying administrative regulations shall be construed to interfere with the Board’s responsibility to maintain a safe school setting in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes or to supersede the statutory provisions in Connecticut regarding the proper use of reasonable physical force by school district professionals.

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