Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name School Counseling Services
Policy Number 6164.2 REG
Date Approved 10/10/89
Date Revised 04/10/06
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
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School Counseling Services

The School Counseling program at Plainville High School is made up of both services and facilities available to all students. Services include (1) counseling in educational, vocational and personal areas, (2) testing in aptitude and interest areas, (3) career information and (4) post secondary planning.

The School Counseling Department maintains test records and other pertinent data for effective counseling. Faculty members are encouraged to consult with counselors regarding any of their students.

The classroom teachers are an integral part in the School Counseling program through their daily contact with students. They can assist the counselors in the following ways:

A. Inform counselors of student behavior, interests, goals and aptitudes helpful in counseling;

B. Encourage students, especially those in immediate need, to make use of counseling services; and

 C. Assist counselors in the effective dissemination of career and other school counseling related information.

 The School Counseling Department, in turn, works closely with teachers and students to help them better understand the significance of individual differences and styles of learning. The district's developmental school counseling program is used toward this end.