Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Live Animals in the Classroom
Policy Number 6163.3
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 06/09/2003
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Policy No student shall bring any live animal, whether pet or wild, to any classroom without prior consent of the teacher and the principal, in order to protect both the animal and the students. Consent will not be withheld where such animal is necessary to provide a reasonable accommodation to a student with a disability, consistent with federal and state law.

Teachers may bring and maintain goldfish or tropical fish in suitable bowls or tanks, but turtles, birds, snakes, or other animals which might present a health hazard shall not be allowed without the approval of the principal, and then only for class observation and study for a limited period of time.

Science teachers may have animals such as rats, mice and frogs in appropriate facilities in or adjacent to laboratories for the purpose of class study and experimentation, provided that the utmost care is taken to prevent accident and/or suffering to the animals.