Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Family Life and Sex Education
Policy Number 6142.1
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 5/13/2003
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Date Revised  
Policy The board of education recognizes that the purpose of family life education is to help
students acquire factual knowledge, attitudes and values, which will contribute to the
well-being of the individual, the family and society. Among other things, family life
education provides instruction directed toward enabling students to discuss effectively
problems with family members. Such communication shall include the willingness and
ability to listen, accept criticism and respond with openness, frankness and honesty, thus demonstrating a mutual respect and love for other members of the family.

Helping students attain a mature and responsible attitude toward human sexuality is a
continuous task of every generation. Parents have the prime responsibility to assist their children in developing moral values. The schools should support and supplement
parents' efforts in the areas of family life and sex education by offering students factual
information and opportunities to discuss concerns, issues and attitudes inherent in family life and sexual behavior, including traditional moral values.

Students, parents or guardians shall be informed of their right to exempt the student from the family life program.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
10-16c State board of develop family life education curriculum guides

10-16d Family life education programs not mandatory

10-16e Students not required to participate in family life education programs

10-16f Family life programs to supplement required curriculum