Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name Concept and Roles in Instruction-Mission, Beliefs and Goals
Policy Number 6010
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 12/08/2003
Date Revised 05/09/2011
Date Revised 11/12/2013
Date Revised  

Concept and Roles in Instruction--Mission, Beliefs, and Goals

The mission of the Plainville Community School district is to "To provide rigorous and enriching experiences that prepares each student for success in a changing global society."

To carry out this mission and in conjunction with the strategic planning process, the Board of Education has established the following belief statements and goals to serve as the focus of the work of the Plainville Community Schools over the next three to five years:

Belief Statements:

►Our public school system is the core of the community and has a fundamental responsibility to develop productive educated citizens in a democracy.

►Optimal achievement for each learner is a responsibility shared by students, home, school, and community.

►We must provide each student with a comprehensive curriculum and effective instruction to ensure meaningful engagement in the learning process.

►A safe, caring learning environment promotes the academic growth, health, and emotional wellbeing of each student.

►Communication and collaboration foster knowledge, trust, and respect and are the responsibility of everyone in the community.

Goal #1:

Develop a comprehensive engaging curricular and instructional program aligned with the critical skills and attributes required for success in a changing global

Goal #2:

Align teaching practices, improvement mechanisms, and evaluation system with our goals for learning, mission, and beliefs.

Goal #3:

Ensure that systems for assessing learning and measuring achievement provide data to drive our teaching practices and align with our goals for student learning and development.