Section (6000) Instruction
Policy Name REGULATION - Removal of Instructional Materials from the Classroom
Policy Number 6161 REG
Date Approved 10/10/1989
Date Revised 10/27/2005
Date Revised 11/14/11
Date Revised  
Date Revised  

Removal of Instructional Materials from the Classroom

Policy 6161 states, in part: "The disposition of old and obsolete textbooks shall be accomplished under the direction of the superintendent of schools in accordance with state and district regulations."

This procedure and form are to be used whenever a teacher wishes to remove instructional materials from the classroom – either for storage for future use, or for discard or donation.

I. Packing Procedure:

Worn Out Books

Any novels with torn covers or loose pages should be separated from the rest of the books, counted, placed in a box clearly labeled with the number of books, the title of the books, and the statement "worn out"

Books to Be Stored For Future Use

Books that are not "worn out" must be organized by title and NEATLY packed into sturdy boxes. Each box must be labeled clearly:

· the number of books

· title, author, publisher, and copyright date

· The word "STORE"

· The date you are putting the books into storage

· The teacher's name, grade and department [i.e. Van Wagenen/7/Social Studies]

 Books to be Sold/Donated/Discarded

Books that are less than 10 years old may have some value to a used book company. Other books may be useful to other teachers in the district. In order for us to maximize these taxpayer resources, the Curriculum Director must evaluate the books. These books should be packed neatly into sturdy boxes. Each box must be labeled clearly with:

· The title, author, publisher, copyright date

· The ISBN number

· The number of books

· Condition of the books (excellent, good, fair – poor condition books should be packed and marked for discard)

Other Instructional Materials (i.e. maps, globes, laboratory equipment, etc.)

Wall mounted maps should be tagged with the title of the map, copyright date, condition, and your name, grade, and department.

Other equipment should be neatly packed in sturdy boxes and labeled with a clear inventory of the contents.

II. Permission:

Prior to having any instructional materials removed from your classroom for storage or discard, the attached form must be completed, and permissions must be received. DO NOT request custodians to remove materials from your classroom until you have secured all necessary permissions. A copy of the signed permissions form must be given to the custodial staff at the time you request removal of the materials from your classroom.

Permission Form