Plainville Board of Education Completes Annual Superintendent Evaluation
Posted on 06/24/2020

In June the Plainville Board of Education met to conduct the annual evaluation of Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage. During his first year as Superintendent,  Mr. Lepage met with exceptional challenges. His steady leadership provided the Plainville community with the stability and confidence to endure the unprecedented closure of schools as well as several other events that were a struggle for our families and students.

The Board is very pleased with the dedication and commitment Mr. LePage has for Plainville and our students. He has maintained a focus on student achievement while always being mindful of the stress the current reality has placed on staff, students and families.

Mr. LePage is a respected educational leader in Plainville and throughout the state of Connecticut. He has spent six years as the Principal of Plainville High School, three years as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Plainville, and completed his first year as Superintendent.

The Board understands the importance of providing stable leadership for the school district and we hope to keep Mr. LePage in Plainville for years to come. With this in mind, the Board recognized his current salary was the lowest for a full time Superintendent in Hartford County,  and was also well below that of  nearby towns in Plainville’s District Reference Group (DRG).

The Board voted to approve an extension of Mr. LePage’s contract, and to award a 9% increase for the next school year. With this generous increase, Mr. LePage’s compensation remains near the bottom of Hartford County and is well below the average for Hartford area superintendents.

The Board is aware that this significant increase is an unusual occurrence. As leaders, we believe providing stability and exceptional administration is crucial to keeping Plainville Community Schools strong. It is virtually impossible to quantify the value of our superintendent, but through our evaluation process and reducing the salary gap, we hope to express our respect and high regard for his service.