Pulsera Project at PHS
Posted on 10/21/2019
students showcasing artisan made bracelets for sale in plainville high school The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that connects artists from Nicaragua and Guatemala with students throughout the United States, through the sale of colorful, hand woven bracelets, or "pulseras" in Spanish. Each pulsera is a one-of-a-kind work of art and comes tagged with the photo and signature of the artist who made it. The Plainville High School Spanish Club members are selling the pulseras for $5 dollars each. 100% of the funds raised from the pulsera sale go back to Nicaragua and Guatemala. The funds raised will benefit countless Central Americans, raising money for scholarships, secondary education programs, human rights issues, environmental projects, youth shelters, and social enterprises, in addition to sustaining employment for nearly 200 artisans in Nicaragua and Guatemala. If you are interested in purchasing a pulsera, please contact Plainville

High School faculty member and Spanish Club Advisor, Kristi Witkowski at: witkowskik@plainvilleschools.org. The bracelets are on sale until November 4th.