Developmental Guidance Program

School counseling services are district wide programs available to all students in the Plainville High School. Emphasis is on a cooperative approach with counselors, teachers, parents, students, and community members working together to enhance the growth and development of the individual student.

The goal of the program is to help foster college and career readiness in all students.
-Understand the school environment
-Understand self and others
-Understand attitude and behavior
-Develop decision making and problem solving skills
-Develop interpersonal and communication skills
-Develop school success skills
-Develop college and career awareness
-Develop an academic and career plan
-Develop a sense of community

The activities and services extended through the program are adjusted to the student's age and development needs. Each student is provided with opportunities to improve self-understanding and to learn appropriate strategies for making realistic and healthy decisions. The school counseling department provides seminars to guide students toward educational goals that facilitate growth, learning, higher self-expectation and successful adjustment to life's challenges. It is comprehensive, systematic and planned to service all students without regard to gender, racial and ethnic background, or physical or mental disability. In addition to the department's initiatives referred to above, students, parents and staff are encouraged to initiate individual meetings with the counselor as needed. All students are urged to pre-schedule appointments with their counselors for an appropriate time (i.e., study halls). The School Counseling secretary is available to assist with scheduling daily from 7:15 A.M. to 2:45 P.M. Save the date notes are sent to the student's homeroom teacher in advance of the appointment and passes are sent on the day of the appointment. If a student signs up for an appointment on the same day, it becomes their responsibility to secure a pass from either a counselor or the school counseling department secretary. 

                                              Four Year Student/Counselor Contact Plan 





Freshman Interview

Sophomore Check-in

Junior Planning Meeting

Senior Planning Meeting

Freshman Academy

Course Selection

Course Selection

Exit Survey

Course Selection

                                                                    Freshman Orientation
This is a transition program for freshmen that assists in orienting ninth grade students to Plainville High School. This is held on the first day of school. Freshmen are helped by upperclassmen to become acquainted with their course schedule and the lay-out of the building. Students will meet their school counselors and teachers.

                                                                     Freshman Academy 
Freshman Academy introduces students to the developmental School Counseling program at Plainville High School. The Academy is a grade nine transition program wherein freshmen receive weekly lessons for one semester; half the grade will take freshman academy during their first quarter while the other half will take it during their second quarter.The goal is for freshmen to know their school, its resources, and to enhance student learning. The class topics include orientation to Plainville High School (extracirricular activities, graduation requirments),  self-assessment, skill identification and acquisition, study skills, learning styles, goal setting, decision making, diversity awareness and appreciation, career awareness and exploration, and academic planning. 
                                                                      Sophomore Check-Ins
These are held in small group meeting format with the counselors and between 2-5 students from their caseloads. The meetings take place during the students' study halls so that no instructional time is lost. The intent is to to discuss typical challenges and opportunities the students will encounter in 10th grade. 
We cover topics such as:
-post high school plans, whether it be a military, educational or vocational choice.
-career research and planning.
-review of graduation requirements and what students can start doing now in preparation for the course selection process in January.
-the importance of extracurricular involvement.
-utilizing PSAT scores to prepare for the SAT.