8th Grade

Ms. Jessica Pepin, M.S., L.P.C.

School Counselor, Grade 8

The 8th grade has two teams:
The Aviators & The Navigators
Various events take place throughout the school year to assist the 8th grade students with their transition to high school. This includes presentations from Plainville High SchoolE.C. Goodwin Technical High School and Southington Agriculture Science and Technology program. While the majority of students will transition to Plainville High School, a small number of students pursue other high school options. Students who are planning to apply to a private, magnet, or technical high school are advised to pay special attention to application requirements and deadlines. 
At various times throughout the school year, the school counselors deliver Counseling Workshops in the classroom to help students with academic, personal/social, and career development. The workshops for the 8th Grade are:
My Goals - Students will create Academic, Career and Social/Emotional/Physical Development S.M.A.R.T. goals in Naviance. 8th grade students will review and update the goals they created in 7th grade. 

Career Key - Students will complete the Career Key questionnaire in Naviance. They will discover which Holland personality type they are most like. Students will gain some new ideas and insight into career options which align with their personality type.

PHS Q & A - Students will become familiar with key high school terms.

PHS Program of Studies - Students will be provided information from the Program of Studies during an assembly given by the Plainville High School Counselors.
Gossiping & Rumors - Students will participate in activities and discussions which will help them recognize appropriate and inappropriate actions pertaining to gossiping and rumors. They will identify the consequences of their behavioral choices and recognize the value of positive interactions.

Various groups will be offered to students to participate in throughout the year. The groups are held for a variety of reasons such as: improving social skills, improving self-esteem, coping with family changes, coping with grief, managing anger, etc.

Individual planning interviews take place throughout the school year with each 8th Grade student to assist them with establishing future goals and to identify activities, interests, strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes.
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