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The Board of Education believes that the educational programs and services available in the school system are designed to provide opportunities for the academic, social, and emotional growth of our student population. Among its high priorities, the Board accepts the national challenge that academic excellence and quality education must be achieved and maintained within the fiscal parameters of the community. To that end, every effort will continue to be made to support the Superintendent, administrators, and staff, both professional and non-certified, in their recommendations to improve, expand, or change current programs and services.

The Board of Education also places a high premium on accountability: in measurable achievement of student learning; in the evaluation of all staff performance and including the Board; in commending individual students and staff performance; in maintaining appropriate fiscal controls. The Board recognizes that continuing improvement of the school system rests on the professional abilities and commitment of the various staffs in the schools. The leadership role of the Superintendent and the policy and decision-making roles of the Board will be successful concomitant with the efforts of all concerned with the educational progress to work together to achieve those common goals. Incumbent with those roles is the high order need to communicate, to engage in constructive discussions when addressing identifiable change needs in the system, and to develop strong rationales with supportive data to support program or service recommendations.

Recognizing that within a school system there are diverse issues, strengths, and weaknesses, the overriding philosophy is to coalesce the positive energies of all involved personnel into a strong unit working together. There always is to be the opportunity for the alternative or divergent opinion to be considered in any decision-making process. When a final decision is made, however, there is the expectation that everyone will work in concert with the intent of that decision. To do otherwise would be counter-productive to the system's ability to progress.

Students are the primary focus on the system's activities, processes, and procedures. They have been entrusted to us for the expertise we can and do provide. That is an enormous responsibility. That responsibility is the staging upon which the Board accepts its roles as guardian and advocate. That is the responsibility the Board of Education charges the system personnel to accept with total and unequivocal professionalism.