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THOUGHTEXCHANGE Initiative Results To Inform District's Strategic Planning Process

The Plainville Community Schools Thoughtexchange information gathering initiative is complete, and stakeholder feedback from the process will be used as part of the district's strategic planning efforts which will officially begin in August, according to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maureen Brummett.

This past spring, the school district partnered with Thoughtexchange, an engagement design company, to develop an online survey to gather insight from the district's stakeholders for use in strategic planning for Plainville Community Schools. The goals of the survey process were to effectively engage the community to gather insight, identify and address emerging issues and challenges, and foster community ownership of education. More than 650 people, including parents, district staff and community members participated in the Thoughtexchange process, contributing more than 1,700 "thoughts" about the school district and prioritizing a summary of those thoughts through the assignment of "gold stars" to the ideas that they felt were most important. More than 51,000 stars were assigned to the summary thoughts, which were based on questions addressing: things appreciated about the school district, concerns about the district, things that participants would like to see students experience going forward, and general comments about Plainville Community Schools.

Participants in the Thoughtexchange process, and the community at large will have the opportunity to review information gathered through the Thoughtexchange process via an executive summary project report that summarizes the overall results of the process. The report is available on the school district’s website ( results will also be used to inform the district’s strategic planning process which will begin in August.

The main themes identified through the Thoughtexchange process include several positives, such as the favorable fiscal management of the school district’s budget over the past several years, the expansive technological resources available to students and staff, and the exceptional faculty and administration. In addition, several themes emerged that will be explored further during the strategic planning process including the changing demographics in the district and expanding cultural diversity, differentiated instruction for students at all levels, the district's curriculum and programming including vocational and experiential learning opportunities, and enhancing student engagement and accountability.

"I am very pleased by the high level of participation through our Thoughtexchange process. These results will help guide our strategic plan and have provided a forum for over 600 stakeholders to have a voice in the district’s direction for the next five years," noted Superintendent Brummett.

For more information about the strategic planning process for Plainville Community Schools, please contact Dr. Brummett's office at (860) 793-3200.

-Posted on July 25, 2016 at 10:06 AM

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