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Middle School Music Class Featured On WNPR

Middle School of Plainville Music Instructor Laurel Schwarz and her General Music Class received a visit from Ms. Diane Orson of WNPR, who came to interview Schwartz and her students as part of her coverage of Connecticut Made instruments. Orson was particularly interested in the dulcimers used by Middle School of Plainville students in their music class. According to Schwartz, the students use dulcimers, a three stringed American folk instrument that is similar to a guitar, to learn advanced music concepts. The dulcimers used in the Middle School music classroom come from BackYard Music, a small business located in Hamden, Connecticut.

During the interview with Ms. Orson, the Middle School students played a blend of traditional folk and pop music to learn how musical elements, like melody and chord progressions, are endlessly recycled and re-purposed in music. Schwartz and several students were interviewed regarding their experiences in playing and learning on the dulcimer.

"It was a great way for students to showcase their skills and it was an exciting experience for our students to see news reporting in action," said Schwartz.

The Middle School of Plainville interview segment aired on local public radio on May 30, and an article appears on the website at:

"We are very proud of Mrs. Schwartz's creative, innovative teaching. Her willingness and ability to connect our students to the larger music community is strength of hers and a tremendous benefit to our students," noted Middle School of Plainville Principal, Matthew Guarino.

-Posted on June 11, 2014 at 10:22 AM

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