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High School Students Honored With Students Rock Award

Plainville High School students Emily Romankiw and Jacob Jones have been named recipients of the first semester "Students Rock Award" recognizing their outstanding contributions to Plainville High School.

In seeking a way to honor students who "do the right thing every day," the Plainville High School Mentoring Committee, comprised of high school faculty members and led by fellow faculty members Anna Norland and Maria Colangelo, created the Students Rock Award during the 2009-10 school year. According to the nomination guidelines created by the committee, students to be considered for the award must assume responsibility for their behavior, contribute to the school and community, and appreciate the benefits of a physically, emotionally and socially healthy lifestyle.

"It is a sincere pleasure to present the Students Rock award to Emily and Jake. They represent the many wonderful young men and women who walk the halls of Plainville High School every day. As future leaders, their fine examples give us hope for a bright future," said Colangelo.

Emily Romankiw, a senior, was nominated by faculty member Oneda Lamont. Jacob Jones, also a senior, was nominated by faculty member Cindy Birdsall. Romankiw, Jones, and their families were honored on January 23 at a high school faculty meeting.

"One of our faculty members described this award exceptionally well, in her comments regarding one nominee as "kind, warm-hearted, the kind of student that you hope your child grows up to become." What powerful words to describe the intent of this honor. All of our students who are nominated illustrate the core values that we teach at Plainville High School, core values, not absolutes like perfection and excellence at all cost. Rather, virtues of compassion, respect, willingness to challenge themselves, thoughtfulness, empathy, and a strength of character. What a spectacular thing to experience, so many kids that are courageous enough to appreciate every day of their life. Kids that have the courage to help others, care to give more than they receive, and live in a way that suggests that the happiness of others is essential to their own. These kids are such a large part of what makes Plainville High School the best place to teach and learn," said Norland.

"Emily and Jake are outstanding students who exemplify the pillars of character we hope to instill in our students. These two seniors perfectly demonstrate our core values of Honesty, Effort, Achievement & Teamwork and "Turn up the H.E.A.T" in all aspects of our learning community. I congratulate these students and commend their families on a job well done," noted Plainville High School Principal, Steven LePage.

-Posted on January 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM

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