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Early College Experience Program Participation Soars!

For the first time since its inception in 1992, 100% of the students in the Spanish 4 course at Plainville High School are enrolled in the University of Connecticut's Early College Experience (ECE) program, according to faculty member and advisor Joanne Curley.
A total of 52 students from Plainville High School are enrolled in the ECE program this year, which offers college credit that the high school students can take with them upon graduation from high school. According to Curley, the college credits are transferable to any Connecticut state school and many private institutions.

The ECE program, which began in 1992 with four Plainville High School students enrolled at that time, offers college credit for classes at the high school including Spanish 4, Introduction to Oceanography, and Principals of Biology 1 & 2. The courses are taught by high school faculty members John Girard, Ken Fusco and Curley, who are adjunct faculty to UConn. The faculty members are required to attend bi-annual professional development workshops at the University of Connecticut, and maintain certification to participate in the ECE program.

"Over the years many alumni from this program have returned after graduation to speak about the benefits of these credits. Some former students say that the credits that they received from UConn helped them to be less stressed in college, allowed them to graduate earlier than they would have or enabled them to concentrate more on their major(s) without having to take additional electives," said Curley.

"Early College Experience courses provide a terrific benefit to students who challenge themselves by taking college courses while in high school. In addition to the academic benefits, students and families are able to significantly reduce college expenses. We have three teachers who have been trained and approved to instruct these courses, and they do an amazing job of setting students up for success. I am very pleased that we have so many students taking advantage of both ECE and Advanced Placement (AP) options," noted Plainville High School Principal, Steven LePage.

-Posted on December 21, 2012 at 11:01 AM

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