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Looking In Theatre Group Visits Middle School Of Plainville

The Looking in Theatre Group visited the Middle School of Plainville on December 15 as part of the school community's focus on cultivating a positive climate and culture.The performances were made possible through the financial support of the Middle School of Plainville Parent Teacher Club.

The Looking In Theatre Group, a program of the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) is led by Director Jonathan Gilman and was established in 1978. The theater group is composed of teens from the greater Hartford area who present dramatic skits dealing with important social, family and personal issues that affect adolescents. Presentations were made in assemblies to Plainville sixth, seventh and eighth graders at the middle school, and included a series of dramatic scenes followed by discussion between the actors and Gilman, who served as the moderator. Students were then able to ask questions of the student actors regarding their characters and skits. The theater group worked in collaboration with administrators and faculty at the middle school to customize topics to be covered during the assemblies, including racism, bullying, physical and emotional abuse, and more. The Middle School students prepared for the visit by the Looking in Theatre Group through classroom discussion. Follow up discussion / feedback sessions facilitated by the Middle School's Unified Arts faculty members were held after the assemblies.

"The goal for this assembly was to encourage discussion about real life topics teenagers face. We wanted our students to think about ways to deal with these topics and to encourage them to ask for advice, guidance and help," said Middle School of Plainville Dean of Students, Tom Laudadio.

"I was very proud of the students at the Middle School. They had excellent questions and responded to the topics with respect and maturity. A special thanks to Traci Mayette, assistant principal at MSP, for bringing the group to our attention. She had seen their performances and the positive impact they made in her former district," noted Middle School Principal, Matthew Guarino.

-Posted on December 23, 2011 at 10:20 AM

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