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District Celebrates Constitution Day

Students in Plainville will engage in a variety of educational programming and activities in recognition of Constitution Day on September 17, 2010, according to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kathleen Binkowski.

Elementary school students at Linden Street School will be discussing the need for rules and responsibilities, and will participate in a number of activities. Linden first graders will be discussing the importance of rules in daily life, and will draw and write about ways to be a good citizen. Third graders at Linden will be developing their own Class Constitutions and will learn a song about the Preamble, taught by Linden music instructor, Dr. John Smayda. Wheeler Elementary School also has a number of learning activities planned for Constitution Day. Wheeler first graders will discuss rules and laws that protect citizens and will create rules for playing games fairly. Fourth graders at Wheeler will participate in a play entitled A Day With Ben Franklin, while fifth graders will focus on the connections between branches of government. Fifth graders also have a visit to the state capitol planned this month to learn about the legislative and judicial branches of government. Fifth graders at Louis Toffolon Elementary School participate in the study of the United States Constitution as part of their Social Studies unit on Participatory Government. The fifth grade students work with teachers to develop classroom laws in the beginning of the school year, and view a video about the Preamble. According to Toffolon fifth grade teacher Brie Morrone, as the students view images of American citizens voting and maintaining peace, and see judges drop their gavels and soldiers pacing along the streets, they begin to develop an understanding of the complex language of the Preamble. Each classroom community ends their Constitution Day activities with a complete, cooperatively written preamble to begin their own class constitution, a document that holds the purposes for and the laws of the classroom.

Middle School of Plainville students will be examining the Constitution, the important role it plays in our lives today, and how it affects society in 2010. In addition, students will identify what the nation’s Bill of Rights is and take a stance as to which of the Bill of Rights is most important to them. Groups of seventh graders at the middle school will examine several different Supreme Court rulings and present their findings to classmates. In addition, middle school library information teacher Joyce Lynch will lead lessons about the Constitution, the First Amendment and banned books during Banned Books Week, September 27 â€" October 1.

Students at Plainville High School will also participate in lessons and activities relative to Constitution Day. Social Studies and American Government lessons will focus on the Articles of the Confederation versus the Constitution, Islamic Law versus Constitutional Law, and the Magna Carta and how it affected the United States Constitution. Other Social Studies classes will engage in discussion about the difference between personal rights today versus the Middle Ages, and the Constitutional Convention and the Spirit of Compromise that made it possible.

"I am encouraged by the engaging and creative lessons that teachers have designed to have students learn about the Constitution on this day. Teachers are certainly bringing the democratic principles of our country to life," said Superintendent Binkowski.

-Posted on September 16, 2010 at 09:49 AM

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