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School Cancellation Decisions Based on Many Factors

Periodically during the winter months, the decision to cancel, delay, or dismiss school early for weather related issues is necessary, and many factors contribute to making this important determination for Plainville Community Schools.

The decision to open or close schools due to weather conditions is based on a careful analysis of a number of relevant factors. First, information provided by transportation staff and the police department is reviewed. It is imperative to give careful consideration to the condition of all roads in the school district, as some may be more hazardous than others. A number of weather specific factors are also considered including the amount of snow and ice accumulation, temperature and wind chill, and weather predictions relative to precipitation. Conditions of parking lots and school buildings are also considered for example whether or not electricity and heat are operational. Finally, other school districts are consulted to share information about weather conditions in surrounding towns. The decision to alter the school schedule is made by the Superintendent of Schools, based on these factors and recommendations from the Plainville Roadways Department.

"We understand that the decision to open or close schools in bad weather has a big effect on families, and we also know that our students are better served both academically and socially by being in school. As always, in making school schedule revision decisions, our top priority is the safety of the students," noted Dr. Kathleen Binkowski, Superintendent of Schools.

-Posted on January 15, 2008 at 10:50 AM

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