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Play2Learn Presents Candy Land Family Fun Night

"Welcome to Candy Land," said Queen Candy Land as each family began their live Candy Land adventure.  With a deck of cards in their hands, the families followed along on the colored trail  spread out on the entire Linden/Toffolon gymnasium floor.  The children stood in amazement as they approached the bigger than life Candy Land characters with their fun-filled interactive activities.  The cast of characters included Plainville Community Schools' staff members  Michelle Steck as Plumpy, Ann Bucchi as Mrs. Mint, Jeri Lynn Turkowitz as Jolly, Lynn Logoyke as Lord Licorice, Sue Greenbacker as Grandma Nutt, Diane Milo as Princess Lolly, Maureen Schiffer as Queen Frostine, Gail Figliola as Gloppy and Suzanne Schweitzer as Queen Candy Land.

The families had to answer riddles given by Alexandra Schiffer and Nicole Milo when the players landed on the black dot spaces.  One of the highlights of the game was when the families picked the "Gloppy" card and had to make their passage across Gloppy’s chocolate, goopy, marshmallow, mushy swamp.  Wyatt Rita loved walking barefoot through Gloppy’s swamp exclaiming, "I loved walking through that swamp, it was cool!"

Once the families reached the end of the game, Queen Candy Land invited them into the Candy Land cafeteria where the children colored their favorite characters.  The grand finale was the unveiling of the tremendous Candy Land castle cake. Everyone left with a smile after enjoying the entire night.

The Play2 Learn Program, funded through a grant from the State Department of Education, provides critical support and assistance to students in kindergarten through third grade to help them become more confident and comfortable at school.

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-Posted on May 15, 2007 at 09:33 AM

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