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Special Meeting of the Policy Subcommittee on Tuesday, February 1, 2005

There will be a special meeting of the Policy Subcommittee of the Plainville Board of Education on Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 5:30 PM in Room 118 at Plainville High School, 47 Robert Holcomb Way, Plainville, Connecticut.

Order of Business
Review of:

Bylaw No. 9270 Bylaw-Conflict of Interest

Policy No. 3313.1 Business-Local Purchasing
Policy No. 3320 Business-Purchasing Procedures
Policy No. 3321 Business-Requesting Goods & Services (Requisitions)
Policy No. 3514 Non-Instructional Operations-Equipment
Policy No. 3532 Non-Instructional Operations-Insurance
Policy No. 3541.4 Non-Instructional Operations-Transportation Equipment
Policy No. 3542.1 Non-Instructional Operations-Purposes & Facilities:
Food Service
Policy No. 4002 Personnel-Athletic Coaches
Policy No. 4111.3 Personnel-Recruitment and Selection
Policy No. 4213 Personnel-Assignment
Policy No. 4218.3 Personnel-Duties
Policy No. 4253 Personnel-Vacation/Holidays

Regulation No. 3320 Business-Purchasing Procedures
Regul ation No. 3541 Non-Instructional Operations-Transportation
Reguation No. 3542.42 Non-Instructional Operations-Finance Food Service
Regulation No. 6145.5 Instruction-Organizations/Associations

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